Departmental Bulletin Paper Characteristics of operations at fish-landing sites managed by private owners in Thailand

Yoshimura, Mika  ,  Okamoto, Junichiro  ,  Yasuma, Hiroki  ,  Kimura, Nobuo

66 ( 1 )  , pp.51 - 58 , 2016-03-18 , 北海道大学大学院水産科学研究院
This study presents the results of a survey on the operation characteristics of landing sites managed by private owners in Thailand. The survey was conducted by interviewing private landing site owners, managers of fishery cooperatives, middlemen, and fishers. The results of interviews were summarized with respect to scale of business, fisheries, transaction, types of people associated with landing sites, location, and daily schedule. Landing sites were located along canals in coastal provinces. The scale of businesses was variable, depending on the type of middlemen ; local retailers, processing factories, export companies, etc. We visited landing sites for commercial fishing boats. The main fishing boat tipes were trawlers and purse seiners. The most common characteristic in the operation of private landing sites was the reliance of almost all transactions on individual relationships between fishers, landing site owwners, and middlemen. Private landing sites were essential for fishers to land fish near fishing grounds and played the role of wholesaler for middlemen to acquire fishery products as per amounts and species needed. The management system of landing sites and fishery wholesale markets is now in the transition period in Thailand.

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