Journal Article An Investigation of Ni2P Single Crystal Surfaces : Structure, Electronic State and Reactivity

Yuan, Qiuyi  ,  Ariga, Hiroko  ,  Asakura, Kiyotaka

58 ( 4-6 )  , pp.194 - 200 , 2015-04 , Springer
Ni2P has demonstrated high catalytic activity for hydrodesulfurization and has recently been employed as a catalyst in a variety of other reactions. We have thoroughly reviewed the literature concerning Ni2P single crystal surfaces, with the aim of determining the relationship between surface structure and catalytic properties. Published results to date indicate that Ni2P single crystal surfaces exhibit reconstructed structures, and so the bulk terminated structure may not be stable. We have also reviewed the surface structures and electronic states of (1 x 1) and reconstructed Ni2P(0001) and (1010). Based on these reviews, this paper presents general rules regarding stabilization of the Ni2P surface structure and discusses the role of phosphorus in the single crystal surfaces.

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