Journal Article Duality of Singular Paths for (2,3,5)-Distributions

Ishikawa, Goo  ,  Kitagawa, Yumiko  ,  Yukuno, Wataru

21 ( 2 )  , pp.155 - 171 , 2015-04-01 , Springer/Prenum Publishers
We show a duality which arises from distributions of Cartan type, having growth (2, 3, 5), from the viewpoint of geometric control theory. In fact, we consider the space of singular (or abnormal) paths on a given five-dimensional space endowed with a Cartan distribution, which form another five-dimensional space with a cone structure. We regard the cone structure as a control system and show that the space of singular paths of the cone structure is naturally identified with the original space. Moreover, we observe an asymmetry on this duality in terms of singular paths.

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