Departmental Bulletin Paper 雌阿寒岳ナカマチネシリ火口の全磁力変化と熱活動
Magnetic total field changes and thermal activity around Nakamachineshiri crater, Meakandake

田中, 良  ,  橋本, 武志  ,  鈴木, 敦生

79pp.15 - 23 , 2016-03-19 , 北海道大学大学院理学研究院
We performed measurements of the magnetic total intensity at Nakamachineshiri crater of Meakandake volcano, eastern Hokkaido, in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Comparing the three campaigns, we found small but systematic magnetic changes suggesting demagnetization at the shallow subsurface of the crater during 2014-2015. We estimated the best-fit demagnetized source as a sphere with magnetic moment of 2×106 Am2 at a depth of 250 m (960 m a.s.l) beneath the crater. We then considered it was brought by thermal demagnetization, and made an order estimation of the heating rate at the source by assuming a simplistic temperature-magnetization relationship. In addition, we assessed the surface heat loss due to discharging fumarolic gas, evaporation and radiation from hot ponds, and geothermal anomalies. Total amount of the surface heat discharge rate was estimated to be in a range from a few to 10-odd MW. This might be comparable or one-order smaller than the heating rate based on the crude estimation from magnetic measurements.

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