Journal Article Low temperature sintering process of copper fine particles under nitrogen gas flow with Cu2+-alkanolamine metallacycle compounds for electrically conductive layer formation

Yonezawa, Tetsu  ,  Tsukamoto, Hiroki  ,  Yong, Yingqiong  ,  Mai Thanh Nguyen  ,  Matsubara, Masaki

6 ( 15 )  , pp.12048 - 12052 , 2016-01-29 , Royal Society of Chemistry
A novel low cost sintering process of copper fine particles to a copper conductive layer was demonstrated at as low as 100 degrees C without reductive gas flow. Sintering of a mixture of copper particles and copper-based metal-organic-decomposition (MOD) ink gave a copper film with high packing density and low resistivity (9 x 10(-6) Omega m). This novel process may open a new strategy in the field of printed electronics.

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