Others ギシクタウダ(マリーヤ・ミヘエワ)の生涯 : ウイルタ語北方言テキスト
The Life of Gisiktauda (Marija Mikheeva) : An Uilta Text in Northern Dialect

山田, 祥子

6pp.179 - 201 , 2016-01-20 , 北海道大学文学研究科
This paper aims to present a text of the Northern Dialect of Uilta (formerly called Orok) spoken in the northeastern part of Sakhalin Island. The text was provided by Elena Bibikova (1940- ) in Nogliki (Sakhalin oblast, Russia) in December 16th and 20th, 2010. She told about the life of the late Gisiktauda (Marija Mikheeva, 1910?-1993), a famous successor of the Uilta culture and language. The present text shows the following information about Gisiktauda’s family, her character etc. Gisiktauda was born in a nomadic family, who followed their reindeer herd along the Mopi River (a branch of the Tym’ River). Her father was Irgunu (Pavlov Vasilij) of Geetta clan, and her mother was Choujouda (Ul’jana Kirillova) of Daaji Torisa clan. Choujouda’s mother Beleke appears to have been one of the Ainu women, who were brought from the southern part of Sakhalin. Gisiktauda got married to Taidaanu (Grigorij Mikheev) of Daaji Bajausa clan, and after that she lived along the Val River. She worked at kolkhoz “Val” and supported reindeer herding, the Uilta traditional way of life. Gisiktauda and Taidaanu had no children, but they brought up some orphans. While she was good at money management, she did not mind giving money to the needy. She played role like a female chief or an official among the Uilta people. After she became old, she liked fishing as well as going to movies with her husband. She also used to sing songs in festivals and she often told legends to the narrator of the present text.


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