Journal Article Picosecond optical vortex pulse illumination forms a monocrystalline silicon needle

Takahashi, Fuyuto  ,  Miyamoto, Katsuhiko  ,  Hidai, Hirofumi  ,  Yamane, Keisaku  ,  Morita, Ryuji  ,  Omatsu, Takashige

6p.21738 , 2016 , Nature Publishing Group
The formation of a monocrystalline silicon needle by picosecond optical vortex pulse illumination was demonstrated for the first time in this study. The dynamics of this silicon needle formation was further revealed by employing an ultrahigh-speed camera. The melted silicon was collected through picosecond pulse deposition to the dark core of the optical vortex, forming the silicon needle on a submicrosecond time scale. The needle was composed of monocrystalline silicon with the same lattice index (100) as that of the silicon substrate, and had a height of approximately 14 μm and a thickness of approximately 3 μm. Overlaid vortex pulses allowed the needle to be shaped with a height of approximately 40 μm without any changes to the crystalline properties. Such a monocrystalline silicon needle can be applied to devices in many fields, such as core–shell structures for silicon photonics and photovoltaic devices as well as nano- or microelectromechanical systems.

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