Journal Article ATP hydrolysis assists phosphate release and promotes reaction ordering in F-1-ATPase

Li, Chun-Biu  ,  Ueno, Hiroshi  ,  Watanabe, Rikiya  ,  Noji, Hiroyuki  ,  Komatsuzaki, Tamiki

6p.10223 , 2015-12-17 , Nature Publishing Group
F-1-ATPase (F-1) is a rotary motor protein that can efficiently convert chemical energy to mechanical work of rotation via fine coordination of its conformational motions and reaction sequences. Compared with reactant binding and product release, the ATP hydrolysis has relatively little contributions to the torque and chemical energy generation. To scrutinize possible roles of ATP hydrolysis, we investigate the detailed statistics of the catalytic dwells from high-speed single wild-type F-1 observations. Here we report a small rotation during the catalytic dwell triggered by the ATP hydrolysis that is indiscernible in previous studies. Moreover, we find in freely rotating F-1 that ATP hydrolysis is followed by the release of inorganic phosphate with low synthesis rates. Finally, we propose functional roles of the ATP hydrolysis as a key to kinetically unlock the subsequent phosphate release and promote the correct reaction ordering.

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