Journal Article Selective-area growth and magnetic characterization of MnAs/AlGaAs nanoclusters on insulating Al2O3 layers crystallized on Si(111) substrates

Sakita, Shinya  ,  Hara, Shinjiro  ,  Elm, Matthias T.  ,  Klar, Peter J.

108 ( 4 )  , p.043108 , 2016-01-25 , American Institute of Physics
We report on selective-area metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy and magnetic characterization of coupled MnAs/AlGaAs nanoclusters formed on thin Al2O3 insulating layers crystallized on Si(111) substrates. Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy reveals that poly-crystalline c-Al2O3 grains are formed after an annealing treatment of the amorphous Al2O3 layers deposited by atomic layer deposition on Si(111) substrates. The h111i direction of the c-Al2O3 grains tends to be oriented approximately parallel to the h111i direction of the Si substrate. We observe that hexagonal MnAs nanoclusters on AlGaAs buffer layers grown by selective-area metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy on partially SiO2-masked Al2O3 insulator crystallized on Si(111) substrates are oriented with the c-axis along the h111i direction of the substrates, but exhibit a random in-plane orientation. A likely reason is the random orientation of the poly-crystalline c-Al2O3 grains in the Al2O3 layer plane. Magnetic force microscopy studies at room temperature reveal that arrangements of coupled MnAs nanoclusters exhibit a complex magnetic domain structure. Such arrangements of coupled MnAs nanoclusters may also show magnetic random telegraph noise, i.e., jumps between two discrete resistance levels, in a certain temperature range, which can be explained by thermally activated changes of the complex magnetic structure of the nanocluster arrangements.

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