Journal Article Copper-catalyzed stereoselective conjugate addition of alkylboranes to alkynoates

Wakamatsu, Takamichi  ,  Nagao, Kazunori  ,  Ohmiya, Hirohisa  ,  Sawamura, Masaya

11pp.2444 - 2450 , 2015-12-04 , Beilstein-Institut
A copper-catalyzed conjugate addition of alkylboron compounds (alkyl-9-BBN, prepared by hydroboration of alkenes with 9-BBN-H) to alkynoates to form beta-disubstituted acrylates is reported. The addition occurred in a formal syn-hydroalkylation mode. The syn stereoselectivity was excellent regardless of the substrate structure. A variety of functional groups were compatible with the conjugate addition.

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