Departmental Bulletin Paper A Descriptive Statistics on Coworking Spaces in Japan

Uda, Tadashi  ,  Abe, Tomokazu

297pp.1 - 40 , 2015-12 , Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, Hokkaido University
This paper aims to shed light on the actual condition of coworking spaces in Japan based on a questionnaire survey. A way of working called "coworking" and a place for such work called "coworking space" have been attracting attention in recent years because they may provide a more flexible work style, diverse members to interact with, and open spaces than are experienced when working in a specific company or corporate office. However, the understanding of this phenomenon is insufficient. Therefore, in this paper we will first review coworking studies with a focus on the annual Global Coworking Survey conducted around the world. Then, we will present the results of the descriptive statistics of a questionnaire survey conducted among almost all coworking spaces operating in Japan from six perspectives: facility, management organization, business strategy, activity, space users, and performance. Based on the results, we will then present and examine the findings of this paper.

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