Departmental Bulletin Paper 複数戸法人における農家女性の役割と意思決定への関与 : 北海道N町を事例として
The influence of incorporation on female farmer's role and decision making in multi-family corporations : A case study of town N in Hokkaido

高橋, 祥世

70pp.95 - 103 , 2015-11-30 , 北海道大学大学院農学研究院
In this paper, we discuss women's participation in agricultural corporation manegement by analyzing their roles and their participation in decision-making. In particular, we focus no the changes that have occurred after incorporation. Finally, we present an analytical persective nesessary for the study of women's participation in agricultural corporation management. The results of the analysis reveal that, after incorporation, women's roles are formalized and reduced. making it difficultu for women to be involved in decision making. These changes have divided the management-partner relationship between female farmers and their husbands, bringing new tension to farming families. Therefore, in researching women's participation in agricultural corporation manegement, we need two analytic perspectives: that of the faming families and that of the corporate management problem.

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