Departmental Bulletin Paper 採卵養鶏業における大規模企業経営と家族経営の展開
Development of small-scale poultry farmas and industrial livestock producers in the poultry industry

高槻, 森水  ,  柳村, 俊介

70pp.53 - 61 , 2015-11-30 , 北海道大学大学院農学研究院
In this paper we examine company A, which is an industrial livestock producer in Hokkaido, and cooperative B, which is a specialized agricultural cooperative in Kagoshima consisting of small-scale poultry farmers, and reveal their characterisitics of development. The result show that company A has improved its productive efficency by building or purchasing some large-scale poultry farms. On the other hand cooperative B has developed through strengthening vertical integration.

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