Departmental Bulletin Paper 北海道における6次産業化実施主体の特徴 : 全階層的把握による比較分析
Features of operators in the 6th industry in Hokkaido : Comparative analysis at all levels

今野, 聖士  ,  工藤, 康彦

70pp.43 - 52 , 2015-11-30 , 北海道大学大学院農学研究院
Recently, much attention is being given to the 6th-industrialization of agriculture, and it has been used as a favorable case study in research. However, analysis on small and medium-sized operators has been insufficient. Therefore, this paper clarifies the characteristics of operators in the 6th-industrialization in Hokkaido from a comprehensive perspective, and reveals sereral differences in charactireistics compared to existing research. The main status consists of operators that started business more than ten years before the beginning of policies encouraging business. Furthermore, many problems exist on the agricultural side, and the operators have conflicting intentions, with some wishing to expand, others wanting to maintain their current scale, and some unsure. Another notable point is the stratification due to the component distribution ratio of the diverse sector.

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