Journal Article Mapping power-law rheology of living cells using multi-frequency force modulation atomic force microscopy

Takahashi, Ryosuke  ,  Okajima, Takaharu

107 ( 17 )  , p.173702 , 2015-10-28 , American Institute of Physics
We present multi-frequency force modulation atomic force microscopy (AFM) for mapping the complex shear modulus G* of living cells as a function of frequency over the range of 50-500 Hz in the same measurement time as the single-frequency force modulation measurement. The AFM technique enables us to reconstruct image maps of rheological parameters, which exhibit a frequency-dependent power-law behavior with respect to G*. These quantitative rheological measurements reveal a large spatial variation in G* in this frequency range for single cells. Moreover, we find that the reconstructed images of the power-law rheological parameters are much different from those obtained in force-curve or single-frequency force modulation measurements. This indicates that the former provide information about intracellular mechanical structures of the cells that are usually not resolved with the conventional force measurement methods. (C) 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

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