Departmental Bulletin Paper 潜水調査による下北半島沿岸域の魚類相調査報告
Annotated Checklist of Fishes Sighted while Diving off the Shimokita Peninsula, Northern Japan

山崎, 彩  ,  永野, 優季  ,  菊地, 優  ,  百田, 和幸  ,  鈴木, 将太  ,  五十嵐, 健志  ,  宗原, 弘幸

57 ( 1-2 )  , pp.1 - 24 , 2015-12 , Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University
From 2012 to 2014 intertidal and coastal fishes were collected while SCUBA diving at Ohata, Kawauchi, Asizaki and Wakinosawa in the Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan. During these surveys, 21 families, 43 genera and 51 species were collected and 7 families 7 genera and 7 species were photographed. Eleven species(Halichoeres tenuispinis, Porocottus allisi, Furcina osimae, Furcina ishikawae, Pseudoblennius cottoides, Lethotremus awae, Aptocyclus ventricosus, Chirolophis saitone, Neoclinus briyope, Parablennius yatabei, and Sagamia geneionema) were newly recorded from Ohata, 3 from kawauchi(Omobranchus elegans, Repomucenus valenciennei, and Acentrogobius virgatulus), and 1 from Ashizaki(Acentrogobius virgatulus), although they have been previously recorded from other areas of Aomori Prefecture.

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