Journal Article Impurity effects of the Lambda particle on the 2 alpha cluster states of Be-9 and Be-10

Isaka, M.  ,  Kimura, M.

92 ( 4 )  , p.044326 , 2015-10-27 , American Physical Society
The low-lying structures of Be-10(Lambda) and Be-11(Lambda) are investigated within the framework of the antisymmetrized molecular dynamics. We focus on the modifications of the excitation spectra and dynamical changes of the 2 alpha cluster structure caused by a Lambda particle as an impurity in these hypernuclei. It is found that the excitation energies of well-pronounced cluster states are largely shifted up by the addition of a Lambda particle. Furthermore, we also find that the 2 alpha cluster structure is significantly changed in the excited states, whereas it is almost unchanged in the ground states.

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