Departmental Bulletin Paper Notes on scale insects of the genus Aulacaspis occurring on grasses and herbs (Sternorryncha: Coccoidae: Diaspidiae)

Sadao, Takagi  ,  Sadao, Takagi

Species of Aulacaspis recorded from poaceous grasses and herbaceous plants are enumerated and annotated. Three pairs of closely related species are picked out from them, and the species in each pair are revised as to their relationship: Aulacaspis madiunensis (=Chionaspis madiunensis Zehntner) and Aulacaspis takarai Takagi, both known as pests of sugarcane, the former in tropical Asia and other regions and the latter in the Ryûkyû Islands; Aulacaspis herbae (=Chionaspis herbae Green) and Aulacaspis discorum Hall and Williams, grass-associated species described from the Indian Subcontinent; Aulacaspis trifolium Takagi and Aulacaspis isobeae Takagi, hypogeal species collected on Trifolium pratense in Honsyû and on an undetermined herbaceous plant in Okinawa, respectively. Four species are described as new: Aulacaspis takahashii found on an undetermined orchid intercepted at quarantine inspection, and three species, Aulacaspis labucola, Aulacaspis trichosanthis, and Aulacaspis hodgsoniae, all collected from wild cucurbitaceous plants in the Malay Peninsula.

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