Journal Article Symmetry-dependent carrier relaxation dynamics and charge-density-wave transition in DyTe3 probed by polarized femtosecond spectroscopy

Tsuchiya, S.  ,  Sugawara, Y.  ,  Tanda, S.  ,  Toda, Y.

17 ( 8 )  , p.85501 , 2015-08 , IOP Publishing
Photo-induced quasi-particle (QP) relaxation dynamics with different symmetries have been investigated for the multiple charge-density-wave (CDW) compound DyTe3 by using ultrafast polarized pump-probe spectroscopy. By performing symmetry analysis, the QP dynamics with isotropic A(1g) and anisotropic B-2g symmetry were found to show unique anomalies at the first and second CDW transitions. Both the temperature dependence and pump fluence dependence indicate that the B-2g response is very sensitive to the underlying lattice deformation, which provides critical insight into the multiple CDW formations.

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