Thesis or Dissertation 電力系統に対応したバイオガス発電施設併設型畜舎における電力需給の平準化に関する研究

石川, 志保

Mechanization of livestock farming industries has helped to free farmers from long hoursof work. However, the focus of these industries also underwent a shift to energy-intensivepractices due, in part, to long-term low and stable energy prices of fossil fuel. After the GreatEast Japan Earthquake of 2011, the importance of decentralized energy systems,sustainable renewable energy use, and the resulting savings in costs were recognizedanew.This paper discussed electricity supply-demand leveling on livestock barn with biogaspower generation facility (BGP) in electric power system. In order to consider the potentialfor electricity supply from a BGP located adjacent to a livestock barn, I inspected the powerconsumption leveling in a livestock barn. The objective of second chapter was to compare abarn with BGP with a centralized BGP system totally from the energy and economic point ofview. Third chapter of this paper, in the barn, electricity necessary for the management oflivestock and the barn itself was self-supplied via biogas power generation alone, and asmuch surplus power as possible was sold to other power users. In fourth chapter, powerdemand leveling technologies were evaluated through the adjustment of electricalequipment operating times based on the results of a measurement survey on livestockfeeding management system electricity usage. Additionally, I determined the effects ofpower demand leveling on power consumption by using simulation. In fifth chapter, thepower balance for the barn with BGP was verified using simulation and actual measurementto assess the potential for electricity supply from the plant. It was shown that the barn withBGP was the power supply which did not depend on the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme forrenewable energy (RE) power sources. Additionally, this result demonstrated the potential ofusing BGPs as a small-scale distributed power station in a rural area.
iii, 89p.
Hokkaido University(北海道大学). 博士(農学)

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