Journal Article Model for calcium-mediated reduction of structural fluctuations in epidermis

Kobayashi, Yasuaki  ,  Kitahata, Hiroyuki  ,  Nagayama, Masaharu

92 ( 2 )  , pp.022709-1 - 022709-7 , 2015-08-13 , American Physical Society
We propose a reaction-advection-diffusion model of epidermis consisting of two variables, the degree of differentiation and the calcium ion concentration, where calcium ions enhance differentiation. By analytically and numerically investigating this system, we show that a calcium localization layer formed beneath the stratum corneum helps reduce spatiotemporal fluctuations of the structure of the stratum corneum. In particular, spatially or temporally small-scale fluctuations in the lower structure are suppressed and do not affect the upper structure, due to acceleration of differentiation by calcium ions. Analytical expressions for the reduction rate of fluctuation amplitudes are shown.

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