Journal Article Raman spectra measurements on DEPC liposome and cell membrane of living neuron under xenon pressure

Uchida, Tsutomu  ,  Nagayama, Masafumi  ,  Yamazaki, Kenji  ,  Gohara, Kazutoshi  ,  Sum, Amadeu K.

93 ( 8 )  , pp.831 - 838 , 2015-08 , NRC Research Press (Canadian Science Publishing )
The Raman spectra of liposomes were measured under xenon pressures and low temperatures to observe the spectra changes accompanying the gel to liquid crystalline phase transition of the liposomes. C-H stretching bonds of the lipids in the liposome were slightly red shifted at approximately 285 K and atmospheric pressure, which coincided well with the phase transition condition. This Raman peak shift was observed at lower temperatures and related linearly to the xenon pressures. The xenon pressure dependence on the phase transition temperature was in good agreement with the DSC measurements, and the red shifts of Raman peaks supported the molecular mechanism of interaction between xenon and phospholipid bilayers suggested by the MD simulations. The phase transition measurements under xenon pressure with the microscopic Raman spectroscopy were applied to cultured neuronal networks to observe the interaction of dissolved xenon with the cell membrane and the surrounding water.

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