Journal Article Multicenter study on hemorrhagic risk of heparin bridging therapy for periendoscopic thromboprophylaxis

Matsumoto, Mio  ,  Mabe, Katsuhiro  ,  Tsuda, Momoko  ,  Ono, Masayoshi  ,  Omori, Saori  ,  Takahashi, Masakazu  ,  Yoshida, Takeshi  ,  Ono, Shoko  ,  Nakagawa, Manabu  ,  Nakagawa, Soichi  ,  Shimizu, Yuichi  ,  Kudo, Takahiko  ,  Sakamoto, Naoya  ,  Kato, Mototsugu

15p.89 , 2015-07-29 , BioMed Central
Background: For endoscopic interventions, heparin bridging therapy is recommended in patients who are at high risk from interruption of antithrombotic therapy. Although heparin bridging has been reported to be effective in preventing thrombosis, several reports have raised concerns about increased risk of bleeding. The aim of this study was to clarify complications of hepari bridging therapy in therapeutic endoscopy. Methods: A nationwide multicenter survey using questionnaire was performed about patients undergoing therapeutic endoscopy with heparin bridging. Patients who underwent therapeutic endoscopy without heparin bridging therapy were considered as controls. Compliance scores of heparin bridging therapy guideline were employed, and association was analyzed between the score and occurrence of post-procedural bleeding. Results: The incidence of post-procedural bleeding was significantly higher (13.5 %, 33/245) in the heparin group compared with the control group (2.7 %, 299/11102)(p < 0.001). Thrombosis occurred in 1 patient each in the two groups. In the heparin group, post-procedural bleeding was more likely to be delayed bleeding. Dose adjustment of heparin was a significant factor contributing to bleeding. The compliance score of heparin bridging therapy guideline was significantly higher in those who suffered bleeding. Conclusions: Heparin bridging therapy significantly increased the risk of post-procedural bleeding compared with the control. The bleeding risk was associated with greater adherence with guidelines for heparin bridging therapy.

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