Journal Article Nonlocal biphoton generation in a Werner state from a single semiconductor quantum dot

Kumano, Hidekazu  ,  Nakajima, Hideaki  ,  Kuroda, Takashi  ,  Mano, Takaaki  ,  Sakoda, Kazuaki  ,  Suemune, Ikuo

91 ( 20 )  , pp.205437-1 - 205437-6 , 2015-05-27 , American Physical Society
We demonstrate the generation of a Werner-like state from a single semiconductor quantum dot. The tomographic analysis with temporal gating brings us to a systematic understanding of the relation between the time evolution of quantum correlation and a set of parameters characterizing the exciton states, including fine-structure splitting and cross-dephasing time. The Werner state relates the Bell's parameter in the Clauser, Horne, Shimony, and Holt inequality with a fidelity, which facilitates the evaluation of nonlocality.

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