Journal Article Anomalous proximity effect and theoretical design for its realization

Ikegaya, Satoshi  ,  Asano, Yasuhiro  ,  Tanaka, Yukio

91 ( 17 )  , p.174511 , 2015-05-16 , American Physical Society
We discuss the stability of zero-energy states appearing in a dirty normal metal attached to a superconducting thin film with Dresselhaus [110] spin-orbit coupling under an in-plane Zeeman field. The Dresselhaus superconductor preserves an additional chiral symmetry and traps more than one zero-energy state at its edges. All the zero-energy states at an edge belong to the same chirality in large Zeeman fields due to the effective p-wave pairing symmetry. The pure chiral nature of the wave function enables the zero-energy states to penetrate the dirty normal metal while retaining their high degree of degeneracy. We prove the perfect Andreev reflection into the dirty normal metal at zero energy.

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