Departmental Bulletin Paper EU市民のEU域内での自由移動と社会給付の受給 : 日本への示唆

松本, 勝明

9pp.127 - 141 , 2015-03-31 , 北海道大学公共政策大学院 = Hokkaido University Public Policy School
Nationals of EU member countries (EU citizens) have the right to move and reside in other member countries. However, it is permitted for the member countries to attach restrictions and conditions to this right. When nationals of EU member countries move to another member country and reside there, they can generally receive the same social benefits as the citizens of that country. However, to avoid excessive financial burden on member countries, which accept nationals from other member countries, they are not responsible for providing social assistance benefits to jobless nationals of other member nations. In Germany, for example, such people do not receive basic security benefits provided to individuals seeking jobs (Hartz IV benefits). This treatment has become the object of debate. By taking up issues such as this, this paper examines the relationship between human movement that transcends national borders and the receiving of social benefits.

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