Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本のSDI研究参加をめぐる政策決定過程 : 1985-1987

瀬川, 高央

9pp.87 - 106 , 2015-03-31 , 北海道大学公共政策大学院 = Hokkaido University Public Policy School
The purpose of this article is to discuss participation in the SDI research by the Nakasone Administration. In 1985, the U.S. Department of Defense requested that it participate in the research of SDI for European countries and Japan. At first, West Europe and Japan showed a skeptic view about the realizability of SDI. However, the U.K. and West Germany concluded the agreement to participate in the SDI research that the United States initiated. To acquire the high technology that the United States developed, Japan also decided participation in the SDI research following the U.K. and West Germany. Japan was able to disclose the content of the agreement of the SDI research participation by doing the negotiation with the United States repeatedly. Moreover, a Japanese enterprise acquired use rights of the defense technology newly developed from the United States enterprise.

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