Journal Article A pathway of nanocrystallite fabrication by photo-assisted growth in pure water

Jeem, Melbert  ,  bin Julaihi, Muhammad Rafiq Mirza  ,  Ishioka, Junya  ,  Yatsu, Shigeo  ,  Okamoto, Kazumasa  ,  Shibayama, Tamaki  ,  Iwasaki, Tomio  ,  Kato, Takahiko  ,  Watanabe, Seiichi

5p.11429 , 2015-06-16 , Nature Publishing Group
We report a new production pathway for a variety of metal oxide nanocrystallites via submerged illumination in water: submerged photosynthesis of crystallites (SPSC). Similar to the growth of green plants by photosynthesis, nanocrystallites shaped as nanoflowers and nanorods are hereby shown to grow at the protruded surfaces via illumination in pure, neutral water. The process is photocatalytic, accompanied with hydroxyl radical generation via water splitting; hydrogen gas is generated in some cases, which indicates potential for application in green technologies. Together with the aid of ab initio calculation, it turns out that the nanobumped surface, as well as aqueous ambience and illumination are essential for the SPSC method. Therefore, SPSC is a surfactant-free, low-temperature technique for metal oxide nanocrystallites fabrication.

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