Journal Article Coherent manipulation of nuclear spins using spin injection from a half-metallic spin source

Uemura, Tetsuya  ,  Akiho, Takafumi  ,  Ebina, Yuya  ,  Yamamoto, Masafumi

91 ( 14 )  , p.140410 , 2015-04-29 , American Physical Society
We have developed a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system that uses spin injection from a highly polarized spin source. Efficient spin injection into GaAs from a half-metallic spin source of Mn-rich Co2MnSi enabled an efficient dynamic nuclear polarization of Ga and As nuclei in GaAs and a sensitive detection of NMR signals. Moreover, coherent control of nuclear spins, or the Rabi oscillation between two quantum levels formed at Ga nuclei, induced by a pulsed NMR has been demonstrated at a relatively low magnetic field of similar to 0.1 T. This provides a novel all-electrical solid-state NMR system with the high spatial resolution and high sensitivity needed to implement scalable nuclear-spin-based qubits.

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