Thesis or Dissertation Growth and Spin Transport in InAs Nanowires

崔, 志欣

n recent years, InAs nanowire has been revealed to be a 1-dimensional nanostructure with outstanding promisefor device applications because of its high electron mobility and strong quantum confinement effects.In this thesis, InAs nanowires have been proposed asfine spin transport channels for spintronics deviceapplications, particularly, the Datta-Das spin field effect transistor.The growth processes, based on vapor-liquid-solidtechniques using molecule beam epitaxy system, have been developed.With these growth processes, InAs nanowires andInAs/InP core/shell nanowires have been grown. Inaddition, the electrical transport properties, particularly, the spin transport properties have been investigated.Reduced spin relaxation and enhanced transport properties in our core/shell nanowires have beenconfirmed.Furthermore, we have demonstrated the growth of <110>-oriented InAs nanowire with a palladium catalyst.Compared with other <111>-oriented InAs nanowires our<110> InAs nanowire shows an outstanding transport property. We attribute this transport superiority to the stable zinc-blende crystal structure with nowurtzite stack defects.Finally, with a single nanowire Hall-bar device,the electrical transport properties of <110> InAs nanowires have been investigated.
xii, 96p
Hokkaido University(北海道大学). 博士(工学)

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