Journal Article 遠隔交流を活用した中国語ブレンディッド・ラーニングの実践と混合研究法による評価
The Practice of Blended Learning with Distance Learning for Chinese as a Foreign Language and the Evaluation with Mix Methods Data Analysis

杉江, 聡子  ,  三ツ木, 真実

32 ( 2 )  , pp.160 - 170 , 2015-04-01 , 教育システム情報学会
Most of the previous research about ICT utilization in Chinese education and learning has mainly been focused on e-learning material development, content development, and quantitative analysis of learners’ grammatical knowledge. There have been few researches that analyzed the effectiveness of distance learning on high school Chinese classes. In this study, Chinese classes were practiced in high school with blended learning interactional design, which utilized the distance learning between Japan and China. In addition, this practice was based on the theories of human centered design and motivational design for learning. This study aimed to explore the learners’ learning experience and its interpretation by analyzing the learning achievement of learners with the mixed methods.

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