Journal Article 理系は非宗教的か? : JGSS-2002の分析
Are Respondents Majoring in Natural Science Non-Religious?

寺沢, 重法

52pp.13 - 28 , 2015-03-31 , 藤女子大学
Objective: To examine whether respondents majoring in natural science (rikei) in higher education(under graduate and graduate university) are non-religious. Methods: Data from the 2008 ]apanese General Social Surveys (JGSS・2008) is analyzed. Dependent variables are 1) religious affiliation,2) devotion,a nd 3) confidence in religious organizations. Independent variable is whether respondents majoring in natural science (rikei) or human-social science (bunkei) in higher education. After cross-tabulation analyses,mu ltinominallogit analyses and ordered logit analyses are conducted with the net effects of various socio-demographic and educational variables. Results: Respondents majoring in natural science are not significant1y less religious than those who majored in human-social science in higher education, even though controlling various control variables. Conclusions: The widely accepted idea that those who majored in natural science in higher education are non-religious is partially rejected.

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