Departmental Bulletin Paper モンゴル語ホルチン方言テキスト : 日常会話を題材にした基本文例集
A Khorchin Mongolian Text : Basic Sentences in Daily Conversation

山越, 康裕

5pp.281 - 317 , 2015-03-20 , 北海道大学大学院文学研究科
The Khorchin Mongolian text described here is a collection of basic sentences that were provided by Mr. Chog(Chi. Chaoke), a native Khorchin speaker born in Mankhan village, Khüree banner, Tongliao city, Inner Mongolia. Khorchin Mongolian, which is one of the main dialects of Mongolian, is spoken primarily in Tongliao city and Xin'an league in Inner Mongolia. It is well known that the Khorchin dialect has been heavily influenced by Chinese. In order to collect the sentences, I used the questionnaire "Translation of daily conversation" that the research group for the ongolic Languages of Inner Mongolia University prepared in the 1980s. This collection of Khorchin Mongolian sentences is expected to contribute not only to the descriptive study of this dialect, but also to the comparative study of Mongolic languages.

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