Departmental Bulletin Paper ウイルタ語北方言テキスト : 人喰いお化けの話
An Uilta Text in Northern Dialect: a Story about Ogre

山田, 祥子

5pp.261 - 280 , 2015-03-20 , 北海道大学大学院文学研究科
This paper aims to present a text of the Northern Dialect of Uilta (formerly called Orok) spoken in the northeastern part of Sakhalin Island. The text was provided by Ms. Irina Fedjaeva (1940- ) in village Val (Sakhalin oblast, Russia) in November 24th, 2010. She tried retelling a short story narrated by her mother, the late Ms. Olga Semenova. The story was about ogre called dǝpčigiri in Uilta. In this story a man encountered an ogre on a trip to hunting with his child. The ogre appeared from bonfire in their camp at night. It warned the man not to speak anything in the next morning and predicted that if he did it, his child would die. The next morning the man thought that he saw the ogre just in dream, and he did not care about the warning. Then he spoke with his child and after going back home, with his wife as well. After a while his child suddenly fell ill and died at last. It is believed that the ogre took the child away, because the father disregarded his warning.

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