Departmental Bulletin Paper ウイルタ語における形動詞能動形の交替とゆれ
The Fluctuation and Alternation of Active Participle Forms in the Uilta Language

森貝, 聡恵

5pp.153 - 170 , 2015-03-20 , 北海道大学大学院文学研究科
This paper analyzes the fluctuation and alternation of two active participle forms in Uilta: one is formed by the suffixes -si/-či(n), and the other is formed by the suffixes +ri/-xA(n), which is more productive than the former. This alternation between -si/-či(n) and +ri/-xA(n) usually results in changes in meaning. While the -si/-či(n) form conveys continuous and iterative aspects, the +ri/-xA(n) form contrastively conveys perfective, resultative, and prospective aspects. The fluctuation of forms, however, sometimes does not make any aspectual differences. This means that the participle forms formed by suffixes -si/-či(n) are regularized to the +ri/-xA (n) form. which has also been observed in neighboring languages such as Nanai and Ulcha.

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