Departmental Bulletin Paper エウェン語ブィストラヤ方言の概説とテキスト
A Sketch and Texts on the Bystraja Dialect of Ewen in Kamchatka

風間, 伸次郎

5pp.83 - 128 , 2015-03-20 , 北海道大学大学院文学研究科
This paper consists of three parts: § 1. a brief report on the fieldwork;§ 2. some charcteristics of the Bystraja dialect of Ewen; § 3. texts of the dialect. I point out the following points of the Bystaraja dialect: ・Phonetic and phonological features: The loss of the phoneme /x/: as in (L) xuŋəl || (B) uŋəl 'blood' ((L): literary Ewen, (B): Bystraja) [s] > [ʃ~ɕ]: as in (L) asɪ [a sʉ] || (B)asɪ [a ʃʉ ] ’woman’ Assimilation of /r/: as in(L) olrʉ || (B)ollʉ ‘fish’; (L)ɪmʉnrʉ || (B) ɪmanna'snow'; (L) dalrʉ || (B)dallʉ ‘sweet' Tendency for open syllables: (L)tak || (B)taka‘salt’ ・Lexical features 2.2. Some changes of meaning ・Grammatical features: 2.3.1. Comitative -gAli gAli 2.3.2. Verbal noun -ŋA Prohibitive constraction: əǰi V-kIl [sg.], əǰi-llə V-kIllA[pl.] Demonstrative pronoun of the 3rd person plural(nʊŋartar) and possessive sufix of the 3rd person plural(-tAr) The texts of the following contents: 3.1.~ 3.5. Folkloristicistic stories 3.6.~ 3.11. Ethnological topics

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