Thesis or Dissertation 和声学規則と複数アルゴリズムを応用した自動伴奏生成システムの提案と実装

エバンズ, ベンジャミン ルカ

In this paper, we describe "Auto Chorus Creator (ACC)", an automatic four-part accompaniment generator with three novel characteristics. Firstly, we have incorporated the method of Dynamic Programming in the search process of ACC, enabling the real-time generation of even long pieces of music. Secondly, we have applied the rules of harmony as continuous functions, as opposed to the binary function approachesmany related works have used, allowing the system to compare multiple songs in further detail than previous works and make a more objective distinction between them. Finally, we have also implemented a rule base of heuristic rules not directly related to rules of musicology to use in generating the initial point from which ACC starts its search for the optimal output. We have seen this significantly effects the evaluation values of the final output as to when the search isstarted from a randomly generated point in the search field.Our research contributes not only to the field of automatic accompaniment generation, but also to the field of automatic composition in general, offering a novel approach of combining multiple algorithms to produce numerous equally-optimal musical solutions in real-time.
Hokkaido University(北海道大学). 修士(情報科学)

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