Departmental Bulletin Paper 北海道手稲鉱山産Te, Bi, As 鉱物
Te, Bi and As minerals from Teine Mine, Hokkaido, Japan

島倉, 広至  ,  三浦, 貴生  ,  浜根, 大輔  ,  松枝, 大治  ,  三浦, 裕行

78pp.19 - 35 , 2015-03-19 , 北海道大学大学院理学研究院
The Teine mine is a epithermal Au-Ag-Cu deposit located at the west part of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. More than 30 veins are distributed in the 5km2 area. So far, 48 mineral species are reported from the Teine mine. However, mineralogical study is not enough to describe the wide variety of mineral occurrence in this mine. The authors perform a descriptive study of ore samples stored at the Hokkaido University Museum and found 15 newly observed minerals from the Teine mine. Especially, cupropavonite,hodrushite,koritnigite, krautite and poubaite are first report from Japan. Poubaite, PbBi2Se2Te2, found in goldfieldite grain, is idiomorphic and less than 30 μm in diameter. It shows creamy white color and metallic luster. Bireflectance is strong. The observed empirical formula, PbBi2(Te2.0Se1.9S0.1) Σ4, is consistent with the ideal formula (Zdenek et al., 1987).

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