Departmental Bulletin Paper 有限要素法による十勝岳62-I I火口周辺の局所的地殻変動の予備解析
Preliminary FEM analysis of the local deformation around the 62-II eruptive vent at Mt. Tokachi

奥山, 哲  ,  高橋, 浩晃

78pp.11 - 18 , 2015-03-19 , 北海道大学大学院理学研究院
We present the result of our preliminary FEM analysis of local deformation at Mt. Tokachi. Since 2006, displacement of several cm/yr has been observed by GPS measurement and SAR interferometry at 62-II eruptive vent which was formed by the eruptive event in 1962. The spatial scale of the deformation observed by SAR interferometry is around 2 km. This indicates that the deformation source is at the depth of less than 1 km, supporting that the deformation source is the hydrothermal activity rather than the magma chamber. As a preliminary analysis, we assumed spheroidal pressure source beneath the 62-II vent and simulated the surface deformation to observe the relation between the surface deformation and source depth/shape. We then compared the simulated deformation and SAR interferometry result to find that prolate spheroid (flattening of 0.8) at the depth of 200 m best explains the observation.

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