Departmental Bulletin Paper 鳥取県沖合底曳き網 (かけまわし) のハタハタに対する選択性マスターカーブの推定
Estimation of selectivity curve of Danish seine for Japanese sandfish Arctoscopus japonicus off Tottori Prefecture

楠元, 彩香  ,  藤森, 康澄  ,  倉長, 亮二  ,  志村, 健

65 ( 1 )  , pp.39 - 45 , 2015-03-16 , 北海道大学大学院水産科学研究院
Bycatch of immature Japanese sandfish Arctoscopus japonicas in Danish seine fishery is an issue in Tottori Prefecture. To manage the size of fish caught, mesh selectivity should be understood. This study aims to estimate a master curve of selectivity and to evaluate an adequate codend mesh size of Danish seine in this area. The sea experiment was conducted using three mesh sizes (43.0, 34.2, 30.0 mm) for codend with cover net under the same condition of the commercial fishery. The estimated master curves are compared in total of four ways which consist of two kinds of data sets (Whole set and AIC min) and two kinds of estimation methods (Separate and Simultaneous). From this result, it was concluded that the 43.0 mm mesh size was the most effective to decreasing the catch of immature sandfish preventing a decrease in the amount of mature fish.

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