Departmental Bulletin Paper Post-modern Metamorphosis of Limnological Discourses : From “Natural” Borders to Borderscapes

Stojanovic, Djordje

276pp.97 - 160 , 2018-03-25 , 名古屋大学大学院法学研究科
The expanding pace of border studies which began nearly thirty years ago has not lost its momentum, given the continuum of various research and theoretical frameworks/trajectories aimed at a further elaboration of the border phenomenon. These include concepts like “borderscape”, “ borderity”, “border aesthetics”, “border as assemblage”, “border as method”, “cosmopolitan borders” or “generalized biopolitical border”. Moving away from the over-glorified platform of the “borderless world”, new trends cover those perspectives/dimensions in the comprehension of borders that, instead of focusing on static border lines and regimes/ arrangements of state power/territoriality/sovereignty, address the dispersion, proliferation and representation of border modalities, functions, roles and consequences within different contextual/situational positions and through various social, cultural and political activities and agendas, or bordering practices. This article, by means of specific conceptual/methodological triangulation, seeks to synthetically/eclectically identify major characteristics and courses of changed ontology and epistemology or the meaning and technology of the new postmodern understanding of borders.

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