Departmental Bulletin Paper 若者の移行に関する研究動向と課題

野村, 駿  ,  NOMURA, Hayao

61pp.1 - 16 , 2018-03-21 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科 教育科学専攻
The purpose of this paper is to review the studies of the youth pathway from school to work and find the research project. Especially, I attempt to get a broad outline of them since 1990s by focusing on their research topics and approaches. As first, I quantitatively researched the number and percentage of "freeter" and non-regular employer. As result, I divided into two periods -- one period is from 1990s to the first half of 2000s, another period is from the latter part of 2000s to present. In the following, by using this classification, I reviewed previous researches. In the former period, previous researches had considered the freeter or non-regular employer as those who were affected the changes in social structure. This logic was meant to counter for the logic criticizing the youth in 1990s. In the latter period, previous researchers have understood the young experiencing unstable transition in the framework ofbipolarization, which focuses on the socio-economic differentials. This framework gives our attention to the young who have more difficulty. This trend continues even today. Through the consideration of the above, this study showed that it is necessary to focus on the young choosing an unstable transition yourself, especially from the point of view of their subjectivity. It is a challenge to accumulate the empirical research in the future.

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