Departmental Bulletin Paper A case of local recurrence of T1 rectal cancer 10 years after transanal excision

Tanaka, Hideharu  ,  Komori, Koji  ,  Kinoshita, Takashi  ,  Oshiro, Taihei  ,  Ito, Seiji  ,  Abe, Tetsuya  ,  Senda, Yoshiki  ,  Misawa, Kazunari  ,  Ito, Yuichi  ,  Uemura, Norihisa  ,  Natsume, Seiji  ,  Higaki, Eiji  ,  Ouchi, Akira  ,  Tsutsuyama, Masayuki  ,  Hosoi, Takahiro  ,  Shigeyoshi, Itaru  ,  An, Byonggu  ,  Akazawa, Tomoyuki  ,  Hayashi, Daisuke  ,  Uchino, Tairin  ,  Kunitomo, Aina  ,  Shimizu, Yasuhiro

80 ( 1 )  , pp.135 - 140 , 2018-02 , Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, School of Medicine
We report a case of a patient with T1 rectal cancer, which recurred locally after 10 years from the primary operation. A 78-year-old woman was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Transanal excision (TAE) was performed in December 2006. The pathological findings revealed stage I rectal cancer [tub2>muc, pSM (2,510 μm), ly0, v0, pHM0, pVM0]. Because she did not opt for additional treatment, she received follow- up examination. After approximately 10 years from the primary operation, she presented to her physician, complaining of melena, and she was referred to our hospital again in November 2016. She was diagnosed with recurrent rectal cancer. Laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection was performed in December 2016. Pathological findings revealed stage IIIB rectal cancer (tub2>muc, pA, pN1). The reported postoperative local recurrence rate for T1 rectal cancer after TAE is high, but local recurrence after years from the primary operation is rare. In high-risk cases, local recurrence may be observed even after 10 years from the primary operation. Long-term and close postoperative follow-up is important to detect local recurrence early.

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