Departmental Bulletin Paper 多治見(定点)から見た御嶽山噴煙の変化(2014年~2018年)

田中, 剛  ,  TANAKA, Tsuyoshi

33pp.31 - 39 , 2018-03-01 , 名古屋大学博物館
Mt. Ontake volcano erupted at September 27, 2014. The immediate precursors had been detected only about 10 min before the eruption. The smoking was observed from many areas of Central Japan. The smoking and its vents in Jigokudani valley can be seen clearly from Tajimi where locate at 70 km south of Mt. Ontake. The 64 photographs were taken at the time of clear view from October 2014 to January 2018. Temporal variations of fumarole length from its vent were measured from the photographs. The fumarole have not calm down simply since its eruption. A few times of active revival have been identified. The photographs from long distance are good for the records of volcanic activities.

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