Journal Article Real-Time Observation of Molecularly Thin Lubricant Films on Head Sliders Using Rotating-Compensator-Based Ellipsometric Microscopy

Fukuzawa, K.  ,  Miyata, K.  ,  Yamashita, C.  ,  Itoh, S.  ,  Zhang, H.

53 ( 11 ) 2017-11 , IEEE
Lubricant transfer or pick-up from a disk to a headslider is a crucial issue in designing the head-disk interfaces ofhard disk drives (HDDs). A method is presented for observingthin-lubricant film on a head slider in real time. That is based onellipsometric microscopy. The use of rotating-compensatorellipsometry (RCE) results in one order of magnitude highertemporal resolution (0.6 frame/s) and several times higherthickness resolution (0.2 nm) compared to null-ellipsometry-basedmicroscopy, which was recently proposed. RCE-basedellipsometric microscopy will be useful in clarifying themechanism of lubricant pick up for higher density HDDs.

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