Journal Article Concept of the solar-pumped laser-photovoltaics combined system and its application to laser beam power feeding to electric vehicles

Motohiro, Tomoyoshi  ,  Takeda, Yasuhiko  ,  Ito, Hiroshi  ,  Hasegawa, Kazuo  ,  Ikesue, Akio  ,  Ichikawa, Tadashi  ,  Higuchi, Kazuo  ,  Ichiki, Akihisa  ,  Mizuno, Shintaro  ,  Ito, Tadashi  ,  Yamada, Noboru  ,  Luitel, Hom Nath  ,  Kajino, Tsutomu  ,  Terazawa, Hidetaka  ,  Takimoto, Satoshi  ,  Watanabe, Kemmei

56 ( 8S2 )  , pp.08MA07 - 08MA07 , 2017-08 , IOP publishing
We have developed a compact solar-pumped laser (µSPL) employing an off-axis parabolic mirror with an aperture of 76.2 mm diameter and an yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) ceramic rod of phiv1 mm × 10 mm doped with 1% Nd and 0.1% Cr as a laser medium. The laser oscillation wavelength of 1.06 µm, just below the optical absorption edge of Si cells, is suitable for photoelectric conversion with minimal thermal loss. The concept of laser beam power feeding to an electric vehicle equipped with a photovoltaic panel on the roof was proposed by Ueda in 2010, in which the electricity generated by solar panels over the road is utilized to drive a semiconductor laser located on each traffic signal along the road. By substituting this solar-electricity-driven semiconductor laser with a solar-pumped laser, the energy loss of over 50% in converting the solar electricity to a laser beam can be eliminated. The overall feasibility of this system in an urban area such as Tokyo was investigated.

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