Departmental Bulletin Paper Best Practices for Teaching Academic Writing : A Guide for University Teachers in Japan (and Elsewhere)

Wadden, Paul  ,  Peterson, John

6pp.11 - 18 , 2017-12 , 名古屋大学教養教育院
Acknowledging the diverse contexts in which university lecturers teach writing, particularly in Japan, this article offers a number of “best practices” for composition pedagogy within a broad rhetorical framework. These practices advocate writing instruction as an integrated readingresearching- writing-revising process that includes―in addition to the conventional elements of brainstorming, organizing, drafting, and editing―cultivation of meta-skills and habits of mind beneficial to the long-term development of deep writing skills. While prescribing universal principles for writing instruction amounts to a theoretical and pedagogical overreach, the practical principles in this discussion are elaborated for composition instructors to adapt and adopt―and debate and discard―as fits their courses and classrooms.
Special issue: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Academic Writing and Critical Thinking

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