Departmental Bulletin Paper 技術者倫理教育における価値および態度の測定は如何にして可能か

杉原, 桂太  ,  藤木, 篤  ,  金, 永鍾  ,  SUGIHARA, Keita  ,  FUJIKI, Atsushi  ,  KIM, Youngjong

12pp.1 - 15 , 2017-12 , 名古屋大学情報科学研究科情報創造論講座
This paper examines how we can measure and assess values and attitudes in engineering ethics education. The authors focus on the Defining Issues Test (DIT) to measure values, and take note of the Likert method to assess attitudes. Following a survey of previous studies adopting DIT and the Likert method, the authors argue for ways in which we can effectively make measurements and assessments. They also point out the challenges faced in conducting proper and meaningful measurements and assessments in engineering ethics education.

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