Departmental Bulletin Paper Learning through Praxis and Cooperation Lev Vygotsky and Vocational Pedagogy

Mjelde, Liv

16pp.80 - 95 , 2017-10-31 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科 技術教育学(横山)研究室
With industrial capitalism vocational education and training of the working class occurred in apprenticeship in workplaces and as students in technical/vocational schools. Vocational education research shows that many students learn in workshops and fail to learn/drop out of traditional classroom settings. Vocational pedagogy, a learner-centered approach to teaching and learning and Vocational didactics, teaching and learning as they pertain to working life are new concepts in the field of education describing how youngsters in vocational school workshops learn through activities and in cooperation with a mentor and each other. I discuss this problematic in light of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory.

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