Journal Article Anomalous Particle through Soap-Free Emulsion Polymerization of Styrene using Oil-Soluble Initiator

Yamamoto, Tetsuya  ,  Kim, SeulChan

24 ( 9 )  , pp.149 - 149 , 2017-09 , Springer
One of oil-soluble initiators, VF-096, might work as cross-linker. This initiator wouldenable to synthesize the particle with cross-linking, which was involved with the particlemorphology. Soap-free emulsion polymerization of styrene using this initiator was carriedout to develop the method to control the particle morphology in one batch system. As a result,it was found that anomalous particle was generated without stirring and the particlemorphology changed to be spherical by increasing shear stress through the stirring. One ofthe origins of the anomalous particle was the phase separation of the water in the particle andrelease of it from inside of the particle to the bulk.

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